New machine #1 T+11 years

New machine #1 T+11 years

After 11 years it was time to build a new rig;

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be quiet!
be quiet!

Up and running and tweaking...

[still running Arch+dwm on SSD for the moment...]

ASUS ROG STRIX B-550 install notes to self 07/06/22

0nly 1 RAM memory slot properly seated=16GB. Reseated second slot. Total RAM=32GB.
[slots are a bit finnicky-as usual]

BeQuiet CPU FAN in wrong FAN header. BIOS complained of no CPU fan. Now in correct CPU FAN header.

BIOS update to FEB 22. Note: I was trying to update the BIOS with the 'non wifi' B-550 version. Also, the USB stick has to be formatted FAT16/32.

SSD and CDROM not detected. M.2 memory slot made SATA 5/6 unavailable. Relocated SATA OK and bootable.

Dracula Pro configs to be tweaked...